In March of 2013 we lost our Golden named Charlie very suddenly due to a MAST-cell tumor. My husband and I were heartbroken. Our house was too quiet. We found Golden Huggs rescue online and told them we were looking for a sweet, low-key dog in need of a calm home. Posey came to us in June 2013, and she have been a steady presence of love and light in our lives for the past five years.

Posey was found in Kentucky with her collar embedded in her neck and part of her tie-out line wrapped around and embedded in her right rear leg. She was at the vet for nine weeks down south, and they managed to save the limb. Unfortunately, Posey's Achilles tendon was severed, and despite surgery, she walks with a severe limp. Golden Huggs was transparent about her needs from the beginning, and helped defray her vetting costs once we got her to Vermont. 

I was apprehensive about adopting a dog sight-unseen, but when she came off the transport truck, my heart melted. She could not be more wonderful. She is an angel with my niece and nephew (4 years old and 1 year old, respectively). She has never caused us a moment's worry. Posey visited my grandmother in the nursing home, and visits my students at school. She is "as good as gold" as the saying so aptly goes. Golden Huggs has my eternal gratitude.  ~ Emily Wills

Tanya Toth