We are a foster based rescue, which means that we do not have a facility that you can visit. Most of our dogs come to us from our rescue partners in areas outside of New England, taken from kill shelters where they have landed due to no fault of their own - many are strays, others have been turned in by their owners.  Because of their various backgrounds, we rarely have any medical or ownership history on them.  All of our dogs are vetted age appropriate meaning they are spay or neutered and given all necessary vaccines.  Together with our vet we will treat them for medical issues that are diagnosed.  When they are ready to go to their forever homes, our dogs are transported with a USDA certified transport company (www.petsllc.net) and require a license to cross state lines (aka a health certificate) to travel.  

For additional information about who we are and how the adoption process works,  check out our adoption information