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With help from Memetic Studios, get a glimpse of what really goes on within the Golden Huggs organization - from how we began to where we are now.

Featured Pet


Bo has been with us for 6 months, but when we reflect, he had been making his way to us his whole life.  Bo belonged to a family who, for whatever reasons, became unable to care for him properly.  When he came to us, he was malnourished (weighing only 43 pounds) with a dislocated hip. He has had surgery which successfully repaired his hip, he is putting weight on his leg and is gaining weight, now weighing 57 pounds. He is a mellow laid back labby who likes to pop into every room at the vets office to say hello and grab a belly rub.  There isn't a human he doesn't love, and there isn't a human that doesn't love him. He will do best in a nice calm laid back environment to match his personality where he can get undivided attention in a relaxing setting.  He is a mellow boy who would love a companion. For more information about Bo, contact Brigitte Ritchie

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