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With help from Memetic Studios, get a glimpse of what really goes on within the Golden Huggs organization - from how we began to where we are now.

Featured Pet

This beautiful boy was left at a vet clinic in the south where he has resided for the past 3 months, happily meeting and greeting all the patients, both four legged and two!! Rocko is now in Vermont and his foster mom just adores him!  At 10 months old and 75 lbs. pounds, this labbie/pyr mix is one happy, curious boy, exploring every nook and cranny in his new surroundings.   Rocko loves to be around people, he does great with other dogs and he LOVES the water.  He has a lot of puppy energy and will require an active home where he will receive the exercise and training he needs to become the great dog we know he can be.  Rocko is doing well with crate and leash training and housebreaking but he is a work in progress. Due to his size and puppy exuberance, we will not place him in a home with very young children.  Do you have the time and energy to devote to this big oafy boy? In return you will be showered with slobbery kisses and unconditional love....a total win/win!!

For more information about Rocko, contact Laura Howe by email at

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