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Riley Langan Lebowitz


Riley has the bragging rights of being one of Brigitte’s very first rescue dogs.  In the Fall of 2006, she circulated an e-mail with photos of a group of dogs that were in foster care and available for adoption.  Having recently lost our first 15 year old Humane Society rescue, Riley's soon to be family was looking for another dog as a companion to their second dog.  The WV foster mother described Riley this way “He’s not hyper, but he has a little bounce.”  That description was perfect! 

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Here is a cute picture of Griffin enjoying his daily car ride! He is the happiest dog in the world!
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Dakota is getting big at 5 months old!


I am having fun with my new Mommy. She took me to a place called St. Michaels MD and I had lots of fun there. I can sit on a kayak with her while we paddle on a river. I also got really scared that my Mommy would get hurt, so I rode an inflatable raft behind the speedboat. My Daddy drove REALLy slowly. I was scared but I had fun. I was a really…
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Tucker Goes Canoeing

Just wanted to share this photo with you.  Tucker and I spent our first night (well, few nights) apart this past weekend.  We hadn't been apart overnight since he became a Vermonter and I really missed him, but knew he was in good hands.  He went down to southern Vermont (I am up North) and spent a few days with my dad.  Apparently it was like he was at summer camp.  They went swimming too.
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Family Reunion in VT

   I wanted to pass along a few photos of 4 of your Golden Huggs adopted dogs at our little family reunion we had.  We've stayed in touch by email and we got them all together for a little family reunion a few weeks ago.  It was great fun.
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Rescue Dogs are True Blessings

Thank you Golden Huggs for all that you do! Our rescue dogs (in our lives now and the one we lost) are true blessings. I am so glad we took the time to open our hearts and learn about rescue. You are all true angels. -Odie and Zimo's mom.
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Love Abby with all our hearts!

I want to thank all at Golden Huggs for my wonderful dog, Abby (aka Razzle). We adopted her in March 2008 and love her with all our hearts! Keep doing what your doing! Many thanks, Linda V
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Such wonderful additions

We adopted Delilah (we have since renamed her to Daisy and she picked it up immediately) through Golden Huggs Rescue and she has been such a wonderful addition! I'm not sure what her story is prior to coming into our home, but she is my lovebug and such a great 'sister' to our dear Dixie (another rescued Golden Girl). I couldn't have asked for a better rescue group to work with!
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