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How does GHR provide foster care and how does fostering work?  

It is our hope to keep as many of our available dogs in approved foster homes as we possible. Unfortunately this means we need people to help us, if not the dogs awaiting homes have to be kenneled in a facility. Of the two situations, the ideal situation is foster care.

A foster home provides socialization for the dog as well as daily interaction with humans. It allows the dog to continuously be evaluated as he/she learns and develops confidence and stability. A home with other pets helps to provide even more socialization through engaging and playing.

A foster family is instrumental in helping us place the right dog with his/her most suitable adopter. This happens by the foster able to share with us a personal assessment of the dog's habits, quirks, manners or lack of and helping us to understand where the dog may need more work. Our foster volunteers help the dogs by going over basic commands, leash training and sometimes housebreaking with the dogs.

The foster home is usually the very first place a rescue dog will experience unconditional love. In foster care the rescue dog goes from being lost souls to proud care for dogs.

Fostering a dog can be a very rewarding experience. The foster dog could be with you from one week to a month or more. The dog will not be placed in your home until they have been treated by a vet and have been evaluated by an experienced volunteer. You need to be able to provide more than just a roof, you need to have time and patience for this act of charity.

Some of the responsibilities of a foster home are: daily feeding; walking and exercise (dog MUST be kept on a   leash at all times when outdoors if not in a fenced in yard); reinforcing basic obedience commands such as sit, come, down, off and stay. Our foster homes provide an abundance of love and attention; and have to have patience!!!

The foster home assumes all feeding costs for the dog as well as any toys that you buy. The rescue will take responsibility for all pre-approved medical costs, including heartworm preventative but request you use our pre-approved rescue veterinarians if possible.

Yes, you WILL become attached to the dog. How can you not? You just need to remember with TIME, PATIENCE and ESPECIALLY LOVE you have helped RESCUE a dog.Thank you!

If you think you want to take on this responsibility you can fill out our fostering application online today.

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